Friday, March 16, 2012

More things coming together!

Since I last posted, I have officially scheduled my new cardiologist appointment and an appointment with the geneticist for next Tuesday. I will also see the perinatologist on Tuesday if he has time that morning to see me, since he has offices at Medical City and here in Arlington. I also spoke with a nice lady named Leonore (I think!) right when we woke up this morning about how she was planning my visit to the new OB, my tour of the NICU, my meeting with the surgeons, and my meeting with the neonatologists who will be working in the NICU. This will probably all take place Monday of the week after next. Hallelujah! I feel like things are really getting organized, finally. They did tell me I will most likely be going to the OB once a week from now on, but they said they would try to work it out so that I could go see Dr. Trimmer one week and the Dallas OB the next and not have to drive to Dallas every week just yet. Please continue to pray for us! We appreciate all of your support and prayers immensely!

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